Bridging over many wireless hops

How many BH links can you have in a row before they stop bridging properly?


-><- = wireless link.
- = ethernet link.

The network we have is starting to have more than 7wireless hops over varying AP SM’s and BH links etc. Will i run in to problems soon?

Any feedback appreciated.

Good Question

Right now we are using 4sets of bh’s in a row and in 6months another set will be added. Not a problem yet. We have been doing this for 2yrs. now. I think Motorola recommends only 3 sets max.

I would like to know what Motorola suggests for this also.

We have 5 BH links from our office in a straight line that travels about 60 miles.

I think the problem is that it works ok if you only have a few customers on that link but when it starts to fill up and traffic becomes high the areas at the end of the line so to speak start to get congested service.

To fix this problem we are going to be getting a fiber connection in the middle somewhere back to our office the alleviate congestion to get the service back where it should be.

I have one network with 8 links back-to-back and we have no problems from end to end). However, all of these are 45 Mbps links.

I have another network that has 6 5.7 Ghz 20 Mbps links with 1 2.4 Ghz 20 Mbps link stuck in the middle. Again all work quite well passing high volumes of TDMoIP traffic back to one end.