A customer called with slow speeds and I can’t find the customers MAC due to lack of bridging. I did SNMP walk and could not find bridging MAC entries. The home screen of the GUI doesn’t provide enough details as to what traffic is occuring and I need to be able to isolate the customer in question. Bridging entry in AP or STA will determine whether or not my company with 2300+ subscribers will continue to deploy ePMP1000. states that the version after 1.4.0 will have bridging, however as of v1.4.1 v1.4.3 and v1.4.4 I do not see any bridging info via web or SNMP. Please update as I would like to deploy more but can’t at this point


We plan to have this bridging functionality in our 2.0 software release.

Sorry, correction. We will have bridging function in a release after 2.0, in the July time frame.

Ola… gostaria de confirmar se vai sair realmente a funcionalidade de bridging table para o ePMP1000 em julho. Temos um escopo de suporte com padrões para atendentes nível 1 com base nisto e estamos no aguardo desta funcionalidade para começar a liberar o suporte a empresa ao todo. No aguardo Ps: Desktop Sigmanet / Campinas - SP.