Bringing outdoor Wifi indoors

Good day all

I was wondering if anyone knows of a solution to bring outdoor wifi indoors.

What i am trying to do is cover a lower income area with wifi by using something like E510 or XV2-2T0 and supply the community but my concern is that the signal might not make it into the houses because of the walls so i was wondering if there is anything anyone can suggest we use to catch the outdoor wifi signal and redistribute it inside the houses.

I have such a set on one of the implementations, 510 outside and 410 inside. It worked like a boomerang :slight_smile:
Distances 30m / wall thickness 45 cm (brick)

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If you put a mesh 410 partner within decent range preferably in a hallway or corridor where you install the 510 works decently.Personally we always wire it up where we can but it’s not always feasible or economically viable to do so.

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How far from the 510 is the farthest 410 in meters?

In the strangest place I use it, it is 35 meters through a very thick wall of an old belfry. SNR of 35 dbm RSSI of -60 dbm in the 5 GHz band. 192 Mbps synchronization.


Thank you so much, i appreciate your input.

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