broadcast transmission

Dear All
I have a PTP link between two ePMP (bridge mode, no nat enabled, no firewall enabled)
the scenario is:
DHCP server-LAN ePMP AP ==link === ePMP STA- DHCP Client
in this case all works fine, DHCP client obtains IP from dhcp server
2nd scenario :
DHCP server-LAN ePMP STA ==link === ePMP AP- DHCP Client
in this case DHCP client does not obtain any IP from server.
I need a transparent link between the endpoinds, how can I solve?
Thanks a lot

The second scenario in your example above is not supported. The device connected to the DHCP server must be configured as an AP.

Dear Sir

so it is not a full transparent bridge correct? I mean I cannot use server services in the network segment managed by STA, correct? Do you know if this mechanism will change in the next firmware update?
Thanks a lot

I have notified our developers and work is underway to accommodate this scenario. I doubt this will be in the very next release but I will try and push this up the priority queue with the development team. Thanks for your feedback and patience.

I have the same kind of problem, novelty?

Set "DHCP Server Below SM" to Enabled under Configuration-->Network.

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