Broken/oversize Ring architecture?

I have an area where the nearest I can get to closing a ring is two POPs separated by twenty DNs.
I am hopeful that if a DN in the middle went down traffic would just shuffle along 9 hops to each POP.
I can accept that if a DN goes down < 5 hops from the POP there would a few that would not reach the distant POP.
Is this how this would work ?

There is no hard limit on the number of hops, the figure in the training slides of 15 was derived from a latency point of view, the latency of each hop being ~1ms (we know the average latency is a lot less than that).

We have strings of nodes well over 20, even 30. Whilst we would recommend you use multiple pops to give resilience you may need to have have strings like this as you build out your network and indeed if your PoPs fail.

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