BS with authentication disabled accept SM with auth. pre-shared key

Is it right that SM with authentication mode sets as “pre-shared key” can be authenticated to base station with authentication disabled?

Yes, as you're telling the AP that no authentication is needed for an SM to register. From the user guide: "Disabled: Requires no authentication. Any SM (except a SM that itself has been configured to require RADIUS authentication by enabling Enforce Authentication as described below) is allowed to register to the AP."

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Thank you Eric

About your previous reply, the problem is one competitor is running their BS without authentication and one of our SM connected to them.

Another way, maybe, is enable "Enforce Authentication" and set as "BAM/PreSharedKey"?

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That should only be a problem if you're both using the same colour codes.  The SM won't connect to their AP unless it's set to use their CC.