BSA Epmp 3000

Do any of the latest firmwares support BSA actually working?

Yes. BSA def works on 4.5.6.


So one would set it to auto on the AP and SM correct?

Yes, or “Forced Smart Antenna”.

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I can confirm that BSA is not stable using 4.5.6, setting to auto or forced smart antenna has my SMs uplink unstable and SNR drops bad. Once I set to force sector antenna everything stabilizes.

Are you using the BSA with the Cambium OEM antenna? Have you double checked to make sure your BSA connectors are connected to the radio properly?

Yes and yes… I was apart of a thread months ago that it was determined to “cross” the connections for the BSA to the radio.


Send an email to @Fedor or open a ticket with Cambium I guess.