Bug - backups require reboot

If you make changes and hit save the radio operates as expected.

If you do a backup it DOES NOT back up as expected.  If you do a reboot and then back up, it will act as expected.

This is tested in 2.3 with an SM (I believe it was a 5 GHz).

Hi Josh, 

Can you tell me what specifically you changed before hitting backup and seeing the failure? I tried a few changes on my SM and the backup works as expected without a reboot. Also, if you can send me your config file, we can try to recreate the failure using your config file. 


I forgot specifically what I changed.  I just did a change/save, backup, reboot, backup and the two had different file sizes (and line counts for that matter).

I deleted all backups and started from stratch to make sure we didn't have problems in the field, sorry.