bug report and feature request: cnMaestro 2.3.0 on-prem

Hey guys,

Just another bug report: 2.3.0 sends emails with links to the affected sm, but it ignores the setting that determines if https is used or not and just sends links with https://IP.ADDRESS. As useful as this is, how about a link that jumps you to your cnMaestro server and to that specific SM page? That would be way more useful than a link to an offline SM.

A suggestion, change cnMaestro to treat epmp devices in ptp mode as point to point AP and SM not PtMP AP and SM. I realize that these devices can do both, but their mode is the definitive information.

Also, is there a way to have the PTP link show up at both towers? This may seem like its a non issue, but when your looking at a tower its nice to know that it has 3 ptp links to it and all 3 are SM's of specific links. The mapping screen shows the SM at the tower, but its not in the listing.

Another suggestion:

cnMaestro pulls snmp data from the network, but only keeps 1 wk of trend data available, we use years of trending information. Have a way to push this data from cnMaestro to an alternative trending system like Cacti or MRTG or PRTG. This could be as simple as having the data replicated out instead of having to poll the network with two systems. This needs to be automatic as a manual step is insufficient. polling speed is also less than ideal. Since the hardware sends regular reports to the server (about once every 60 seconds), why not add additional report data to the reports and not poll at all?  


Hi Douglas,

Thanks for giving the feedback . The information is passed onto the product management team and is tracked using an improvement request.



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