BUG - SNMP LanStatus broken

I have an SM where I log into the web interface and it says "Down" in red.

Through SNMP, though, it says 1 (up) with the other options being 0 (down) and 2 (disabled).  When it's plugged in and the interface is up, it continues to respond with a 1 via SNMP.  The OID I am using is:

This exists in 2.5.1 and 2.5.2.  I don't know if Lan2/aux is affected or not, we're not using it anywhere at all.

This really screws up our tier 1 support!

From the MIB:

cambiumLANStatus OBJECT-TYPE
		SYNTAX	   Integer32 (0|1|2)
		MAX-ACCESS read-only
		STATUS	   current
		"LAN Status:
			0 - Down,
			1 - Up,
			2 - Disabled
		Device Allocation: AP, SM"
		::= { cambiumLinkStatus 1 }
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It was fixed in the 2.6 beta FYI