bug v2.5.1 can't change lan to 192.168.0.x if wan in nat+dhcp


the bug seems a validation issue in the GUI when SM is in NAT mode

WAN = NAT + DHCP so it has an IP assigned from the network

LAN = + dhcp server, etc.. to service local network

==> complains about WAN and LAN can't be on the same network

if I change the WAN to NAT + Static IP => it shows as default Static IP for WAN. This is the IP being incorrectly checked against the LAN IP.

If I put this IP as then switch again to DHCP, I can put the in LAN without issues.

Please fix.

Best regards


The default dhcp failed address is on the wireless side, that would conflict with your lan. That’ isn’t a bug, it done by design. Ubnt does the same with 192.168.10.* unless you change it. I’d imagine down the road Cambium will make that auto IP address configurable but for now, not valid for lan side when it nat mode.


thanks for the clarification. This looks correct for me.

Best regards