building a 5.7 AP to Connectorized

Hi all,

Any one could explain me with details,how i must solder the board to connector type N to not damage antena?

Very Thanks

I do not know if it is a simple matter of desoldering the internal antenna and adding the pigtail, or if there is more to it.

I would be interested to know as well if anyone has sucessfully modified an SM or an AP for an external antenna.

ATE Research mods the hardware. We just put up a single 5.7GHz Advantage AP on an omni for backhauling our 900MHz gear around the county. Only have the first link up (at 10.02 miles – 12dBi Omni at the AP and a reflector on the SM side), but it’s purring like a kitten. I popped open the case when we got it and it looked like they had removed the small antenna and soldered right to the board. Had a good 20 inches of cable and everything looked very well done. The really nice thing is that the ATE mods are FCC certified so nobody gets in any trouble. :wink:

We got the mod done through DoubleRadius. Here’s a link the the ATE page at DoubleRadius: