Building towers & used towers

Has anyone done this themselves? We’re looking at possibly buying a used 180’ tower and want to know the pros/cons of this. It is much cheaper but obviously there are concerns of the strength of a used tower. We heard you should get the tower “mag-tech”? Don’t know the correct terminology on that but apparently it’s like an x-ray for the steel to check the strength of it. Just looking for any input from anyone with experience in this.

My first thought is:

Are you licensed, bonded, and insured to erect your own tower? Have you done it before?

Are you willing to risk a suit if it falls and causes property damage or worse if someone is injured or killed?

If you said yes to these questions, then I’d say go for it.

If you said no then I would put down the guy wire and step away from the tower section!

Well our company would not be putting the tower up, we would being paying a licensed company to do it. I’m just wondering about the specifics that go with it and if anyone has any advice/recommendations.

Then I’d go for it. They are responsible to confirm the tower is structurally sound and safe to put up.

The Magna-Flux is indeed an X-Ray to look for cracks and weaknesses in the metal.

Jerry is right. We buy towers but we get the manufacturer to build them, except for those areas where there is no risk of property damage. I’ve seen a fallen tower and is not pretty. (450 feet) I’ve got pictures if you want to see them. Luckily, this tower was not ours because somebody died (a rabbit). Yes, in a almost 20 acre land, a rabit was in the right place, at the right time for a guy wire to hit him and kill him. Sliced it in two pieces…

Not that I want to see the rabbit , but I woulnd’t mind seeing the fallen tower. :smiley:

for pictures visit

Id say go for it if you know what you are doing. I have built several from the forms on up to the top antenna. Most of the ones I erect are small Rohn 25’s and have done one 160’ Rohn 45, one 170’ Rohn 55 for our main site and a 150’ Rohn SSV at another site of ours. Follow the manufacturers specs and go above and beyond if there is any doubt. Ground work and prep is key, once the forms are set, foundations are poured and the base/bottom section is done, its easy sailing from there on up based on my experience. As far as the used tower, I would pay attention to the base section and replace the guys and hardware no matter how good they look. If I remove a tower that was rusted/unsafe I cut all joints so that the tower can not be reassembled and used. Worst comes to worst you replace the hardware and maybe a section or two (if applicable) but if the price is right buy it. Steel isnt cheap now a days.