Bulk Programming SMs

What is the best way to program a large number of SMs at once?

Only need to change SSID, Security, Key and Scan Channel Bandwidth.

Iā€™m assuming these are new units that you want to pre-provision with a template? If so, setup an ePMP AP in your shop/lab/whatever with the default wpa2 key. Also set Configuration ā†’ System ā†’ cnMaestro ā†’ Zero Touch to enabled. Then, simply power up the SMs in the same room. They will associate with the AP and you can onboard them into cnMaestro. Then, use cnMaestro to push your config template to them all at once.


How do I make a template that changes the following?

Channel Width

The most simple way is taking configuration from one of SMs and edit its config making it the template.

Thank you.

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