Hi all,

We are starting to use the Guest Access on Cambium APs using the cnMaestro Controller.

I found that the Whitelist entries must be inserted one by one in the WLAN --> Guest Access section and it's quite anoying. Note that we are using an External Captive portal that offers authentication with Facebook, Paypal, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin,.... And we need to add all those entries to the Walled Garden (30-35 entries aproximately).

Is there a way to make a Copy-Paste of these entries in text format? Perhaps from CLI? That would same a lot of time.

Thanks in advance.


I'm not sure this is quite what you are looking for but you can to go "Configuration > WLANs and AP Groups" and export the config to a .json file. From there you can enter your URLs:


Then click on "Import WLAN" to upload the new config.


Based on my understanding, cnMaestro supports most of the services requested in your description.

Following are the supported Guest Access portal services:

  1. Social
    • Facebook
    • Google
    • Office 365
    • Twitter
  2. Payment Gateways
    • Please find supported payment gateways as below:


Please confirm if you are looking for this information.