burst allocation to limit p2p traffic

we are a small wisp in eastern canada we don’t have an engineer network or otherwise to help us with what i am sure to most of you would seem like mundane things.having said that what i would like explained to me in laymans terms is how you guys set up your qos.what i do here is set the sustained down to 1012 the sustained up to 512 and both bursts i leave alone.we have a mikrotik router handling our traffic with our p2p traffic capped at 128k across the entire network.lately i have noticed a major increase in bandwidth usage altho we haven’t added that many new customers on this particular network.we have a similar network with about 400 people that aren’t using as much bandwidth as this one with about 175 people. i know you can encrypt p2p traffic so that it appears as legit traffic and to stop it messes with some other types of legit internet things such as online banking but i suspect that this is in fact taking place so guys if you could suggest what type of allocations would help with this i would greatly appericate it

Are you monitoring your network via SNMP? If not, I would suggest you start by implementing a monitoring solution.

Since you are already rolling with MikroTik, I’d suggest using “MT’s The Dude” to gather some information about your network, particularly latency and traffic.

Once you have an idea where the traffic utilization is comeing from you can decide how to act.

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Since you’re already using MT, just start with “tools -> torch” and see who is doing what.
You will then discover the people consuming bandwidth and which way.
Remember that there are user habits that a QoS system hardly limit, e.g. we have some users constantly downloading from Rapidshare or similar sites. It is just plain http traffic, but they download 7-8 GB per day.