Burst Allocation

Can anyone advise the effect of our leaving the Uplink and Downlink Burst Allocations at the factory default value of 500,000. (We do cap the Sustained rate at 1 or 2 Mbps depending on the subscription plan.)

We use Advtantage AP’s and both regular and Advantage SM’s. No Prizm.

At about 30-40 subscribers on an AP I’m seeing slowness in the system and wonder if this is the cause.

You give your customers maximum speed for the first 62.5 MB (per direction) they move within a certain time frame that I’m sure is documented somewhere. Essentially every one of your customers is operating at “air” rate (guess I can’t say line rate!) instead of the 1 or 2 Mbps plans

we give our customer quadruple the burst of the sustained rate, so at 512k they get 2mb burst

I would like to know what people advertise their speeds as (as well as frequency of antennas using) compared to what you set your QoS settings to.

We here at Tewa Com used to have a burst but then we started running short on bandwidth I removed the burst from most everyone. There were a few hard core users who complained and I set them back up with burst 1.5 megs down 1 meg up. But, i FIGURE THEY ARE PAYING FOR 768 plan so thats what they get.
At the mo we are using all 900 mhz canopy equipment. But, I need to start switching LoS people over to a 5.2 canopy equipment to free up the 900’s
and get rid of my “poor mans BH”

The package we sell on 900 MHz is “up to” 1.5 Mbps/512 Kbps, with the downlink ratio set at 75%.

For customers who can keep a 2X rate they get that as a sustained rate plus a megabyte burst down and and half a megabyte burst up. We find that it’s enough so that web surfing is snappier but keeping things fair - plus the Ookla speedtest mini widget (available from speedtest.net) shows about a 2 Mbps download rate which is kind of nice.

For our customers on 1X we cut things down (one particular AP has a handful of these…). 1024/256 sustained with 4000/2000 kbit burst. Haven’t had any speed complaints from anybody, our heaviest 900 MHz AP is 37 SMs with 10 of them running at 1X and bandwidth settings like above. I’m thinking of upping the burst a bit for the 1X SMs though…

Thanks for the input.

Just to close this off we decide on 20 seconds of downlink burst at full speed and 5 seconds of upload on either speed plan we offer. We are competing with cable and DSL who advertise 5M/0.5M packages and this helps us be competititive.

Per our motorola engineer, leaving it at default basically shuts it off, he said that particular setting is misleading as it is not a rate, its is actually an amount.

Yes, I agree it is an amount.

For download I have set it to 100,000 (kbits) (or 12.5 Mbytes) which at 5 Mbps (or 625 kbytes/sec) gives 12.5/.625 = 20 seconds at 1X. At 2X I double the 100,000 to 200,000.

For uploads I set these at 5,000 at 1X and 10,000 for 2X.

One other question, does anyone set these at the AP as well? Is there any need if it set at the SM level, other than if you miss programming an SM?