buying a smaller wisp

were looking at buying a wisp slightly smaller than us was wondering what you guys think a fair price per sub is and if anyone has done it,and if so what did you pay per sub.ballpark

Largely depends on the number of subs… if you are talking about only a few hundred, it would be worth a lot less per sub than a few thousand subs.

its about 600 subs ballpark

Well they say 500 is the amount of subs that you need to break even and actually make a few bucks…

will they be giving you the CPE’s or will you have to install your own?

nope its all included towers backhauls sm’s ap;s everything but again its not that big of a company only about 600 subs so only about 8 sites.

Depending on the quality of the backhauls I would offer 25-32k max

vlan is that per sub or overall for everything?

joennc wrote:
vlan is that per sub or overall for everything?

Thats for the subs, the network, everything.

Anything much higher than that its going to take a long time to recoup the costs for that buyout and turn a profit from it.

If this is a Canopy network, this company probably has invested approx $400K, and has monthy revenues of $25K or so…

To offer them 1-2 months revenue for there complete network seems, no is ridiculous.

Think of it this way. How long would it take you to increase your own network by 600 subs and 8 additional sites? And how much money would you have to invest to do this?

Your internal labour and infrustrure costs to add 600 subs would be minimal, as you would probably have most of that in place, as there will be some economies of scale.

I would look at the company’s net revenue/month, and using the analysis above of what it would cost for you to do it over time and decide how long you would like it to take to recover the money you spent buying the company. Here you could use an analysis that would include interest, if you had to borrow money from the bank.