By default do the Cambium PMP products block any ports?

No, the Cambium PMP product act like a transparent bridge which forwards traffic by nature and doesn't block anything.  There is an optional Protocol Filter feature which we highly recommend using in deployments by Internet Service Providers.    Basic filters suggested are BootP Server, SNMP, SMB.  The filter is applied to the upstream of the Ethernet interface on SM's and when BootP Server is selected you prevent customers from affecting your network when they plug the SM into the LAN port of their router.  If you dont block BootP Server then the  clients router may begin acting as the DHCP server on your network.  The SNMP filter is key because there is no point in allowing users to SNMP walk your network.  The SMB blocks network neighborhood.  

If you need to block specific ports you can identify 3 user defined ports to block.

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