C035045C014A Pricing

The PMP450 3Ghz system is a nice system to work with other than the fact that the SMs have weak antennas that often times require a bulky reflector.  The SMs are roughly $275 and the reflector a little less than $50, so that's $325 for a 10Mbps SM.

The C035045C014A can be had with almost the same gain ,but the price is out of control.  And it doesn't even come with mounting hardware!  It's like the wireless form of a giant middle finger.

Does anyone have any suggetions to reasonably get more gain out of our SMs without the windload?  Option one is for Cambium to sell the C035045C014A at a reasonable price!  Option 2 could be slip-on antennas for 3Ghz like the old beehive stingers for PMP100 products.

I have asked for a 450d style 3GHz SM. C'mon Matt!

Hi Will,

Could you please share your contact details so that we can arrange a call to understand the situation and see if we can suggest a better way to accomplish what you are lookign for.


Sanjay Kumar