C4000 Wifi controller

I have a customer already usign the ePMP Force 180 as a radio link to connect the CCTV video back to the NVR via the LAN network.

If our customer adopt the C4000 as a physical WiFi controller and connect to the same LAN network, is it possible to use the C4000 to manage the ePMP simultaneously within the same network ?

Hi Tony, 

     Are you looking for cnMaestro-appliance or concentrator?  Appliance works similar to cnMaestro controller.

c4000 concentrator is majorly a datapath controller, which do not have cnMaestro capabilities.



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The C4000 appliance will work as a WiFi controller for management of the WiFi system. From my understanding by using the cloud cnMaestro, we can set it to not only manage the WiFi AP but we can also manage the ePMP. 

Does the C4000 works similar to the cloud cnMaestro ? 


"c4000 Controller"  is on-premises version of cnMaestro. 

It can manage the device types supported by cnMaestro.

Please check the "Appliance > Settings > Account Type"  for details on the device type supported in a specific account view.

Hi  Tony, 

         cn4000 Appliance will work similar to cnMaestro cloud.