Cable for Antenna to ODU Connection - OFDM Products

What cable are you guys using to connect external antennas to the ODU/Radio on the 30, 60, 150, and 300 Mbps products?

How far away do you install the ODU from the antenna?

You would probably want to use LMR-400 or LMR-600, and keep the jumper length less then 3ft if at all possible.

That’s just my personal opinion, others may differ.

Will LMR-400 handle 5.8 GHz?

You should not use Times Microwave LMR-400 cable on 5.8 GHz. It will work using short distance 15 ft.

Now if you want to use a cable with a reputation you have to use Andrew Heliax cable. It’s expensive and the best in the market.
For a 5.8 GHz antenna connection you can use 3/8" 1/2" or 5/8" Don’t use a thiker cable. The 5/8" is what the Telco, Cell phone standard. The cable will last about 5 years but it will depend on your location, it’s possible that you will have to change it in less time.

I think I’m leaning towards the 1/2" Heliax. Thanks for the response.

Yes LMR-400 and 600 will work just fine for 5.8 antennas…just keep the legth as short as possible. like Ridnet said.

I agree with all - LMR-400, 600, Andrew CNT-400, or 1/2" Foam-flex cable. I have been using a Superflex cable from NK. Almost the same electrical properties as Andrew 1/2" but more flexible. And you can’t go any bigger than 5/8" - the larger cables have hollow center conductors and (I’m not an RF engineer) but I think the 5.8 GHz wavelength has issues with the hollow conductor.

Like eveyrone said, you want to keep your lengths as short as possible. This can be difficult on space diversity installations. Either way, make sure you keep your lengths as close as possible for each polarization. If you do space diversity you’ll want the lower loss cables.


I use LMR 600 6ft lenghts, no trouble yet.