Cable for Tower Install

What is everyone’s recommended cable for doing tower installs?

I have been looking at other local WISP towers and it looks like some people are using Mohawk flooded UTP and others are using that outdoor UTP from Home Depot. I haven’t seen anyone here using STP yet.

Any suggestions would be great!

Depends what is around… we use UTP in some and STP in others…

I would recommend going STP with shileded jacks, there isn’t much cabling to be done on the towers and its a one off job, you will have plenty of problems and the last thing you want to do is start questioning the cable.

Is there any specific cable and/or connectors you recommend?


STP- CAT5e- 350MHz- CMP/R should be fine

You can go with CAT6 it is a higher grade cable.

We are using Best-Tronics CA0367S cable. I really like this stuff as the jacket is thick, and the foil screen seems to be of good quality.

I have seen others use Essex STP that is just like burial cable that phone companies use, with the corrugated copper armoring. I have no idea how they are terminating the ends however.

We are using the Essex Broadband OSP Cable. Nice stuff, but the jacket is to large for the modules so you have to cut it back and seal it up well.

We are also testing a STP Cable from CommScope. Looks like decent stuff. The Outer jacket is more like a flexible rubber. STP Cat5e seems to be harder and harder to come by, it’s like gold…every body wants it.