Cable for uGPS Module and CMM5

We are working on our transition from PMP100 to the 450m and trying to get the new GPS module set up. We spoke with one tech who pointed out conflicting pinout patterns for the cable between the CMM5 and the module. One is on page 2-21 of the PMP Synchronization Solutions User Guide. The other one my boss printed out of some Cambium guide, though I'm not sure which one. It is a pin out of AP/BHM to UGPS cable. 

I've tried both of these and neither seems to work.  Per the CMM5 Quick start guide I get a flash of green light and then an amber light. I waited about 10 minutes with clear sight to the sky and it never turned back to green. What are we missing with connecting the uGPS module to the CMM5??

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This cable is a simple 6-pin RJ-12 straight-thru cable as noted on 2-21 of the synchronization guide.

Quote from that page:

"Cable straight-Through RJ-12 (6-pins) from SYNC-OUT (uGPS) to the uGPS port on the first Injector of the Daisy-Chain."

You have used this cable, and it is not working?

What is happening when you attempt to use this cable?

Okay, made one of those and when I plug it in I get a flash to green then yellow and it never changes back to green. The directions say approximately 30 seconds and we left it longer than that and it never connected. Is there anyway to access status of this connection?

I'm finding the documentation a bit lacking, but with talking to our regional manager I've got this working:

A straight through rj12 to rj12 on cat 5 cable (using middle 6) from timing port 1 of the GPS to the UGPS port on the CMM5 allowed me to get sync.

I was really focusing on the external power port which is of no use in this application.


Glad you got it working...

Could you share what is pinout for the RJ-12 cabe you make? I having the same issue. 

It was just a straight through cat 5 cable using the middle 6 strands on the rj12 ends.

That what I did. However, CMM5 controller still does not detect the slate injector after force discover.  Do you have second thought? 

Which port on the GPS are you using?