Cables being chewed through

We just had some BHs go down yesterday because the cables got chewed through on top of the tower by i’m assuming birds. It was raining that day so thats why i’m assuming both BHs went down at the same time.

Do anyone put owls on the top of their grain elevators/water towers to deter animals?

Any other creative ideas besides putting the cables in conduit?

Use only STP cable, for outdoor use with gel inside.

Worst case use UTP cable, for outdoor use with gel inside.

Superior Essex or some other substitute.

Wow, never had this issue before. The only issue we have had is at one residence their puppy had chewed through the cables 3 times… Finally had to start charging the customer for rewiring the location.

yea we have instances like this all the times at customers houses due to animals but not AP’s. but then again we use teldor double shielded/flooded cable.

Superior essex makes rodent resist cat-5: … _cat5e.pdf


Had problems with Squirls a few years ago. We were using a OD-UTP Cable with the white cream inside it, I can’t remember the manufacture. But the animals just loved that stuff. They total cleaned the cables for about 20 ft along the cable train and another 30ft up the tower.

Maybe they used the same creamy filling that they use in Twinkies…



pcpolo wrote:
Any other creative ideas besides putting the cables in conduit?

We use direct-burial rodent-resistant UV-safe shielded CAT5 wherever we think a rodent might be an issue... And for the most part this means most of our tower sites at this point.

I found this conduit solution is an outdoor split conduit. It is very easy to run your cables and replaced them as needed. You can put your power cables on one side and your data cables on the other side.