Cabrium Force 180 BIB and eero mesh problems

In an effort to get better internet reception at an outbuilding, I personally installed one of these:

It is supposed to connect the 3 node mesh eero system in my house to a similar 3 node eero mesh system in the outbuilding. I have the bridges all set up and they are working well… when I look at the LED readouts on both the receiving and sending bridge units and they both show the same:

Power LED is on

Blinking Eth LED does show ethernet activity

Signal strength LED is at the highest level

Both bridges are connected, via ethernet cable, to a corresponding eero in the house and in the outbuilding. Furthermore, we are getting an internet signal to the receiving eero in the outbuilding. I hook a PC up to the one remaining ethernet connection on the “receiving” eero and it shows a strong internet connection. Also, in the App for the eero mesh system, I can “see” the connections to the two bridges. Both show as being connected to the ethernet through the sending node from the house. . So, I have to believe that everything is hooked up correctly. But the mesh node in the outbuilding is not “radiating” a wireless signal on it’s own or to any of the other two eeros in close proximity to it. What am I missing?!? I have replaced/switched out any cat cables that may be the problem. The bottom line is that I am stuck! What do I need to do? Thanks for the help!!