Cacti for dummies

Guys (& Gals? ),

I just set up a CactiEZ box and was wondering if there is a quick ABC guide of where to get MIBs, how to import them into Cacti and how to discover your whole network.

Would save me loads of time looking for the info if someone could be so kind. :slight_smile:


i was never able to get it to discover my whole network.

I would recommond only monitoring AP’s, BH’s and business accounts.

I believe some people have had problems with monitoring to much. (takes up internal bandwidth)

there are a few other forum topics about getting started with cacti, so a quick search and you will find all the info you need.

The discover feature never worked for me either, nor is it well doccumented enough to make further attempt.

You can seach the forum here too for some host templates to monitor your canopy equipment

It has been several months since I played with the configs in Cacti… but… Seems as though the discovery is set for snmp v1 by default and the only way to change it to v2 was in the config file.