Cacti - job for hire

I’m wanting to hire someone to help us setup CACTI. We have been using CACTI for years (decades?) but I don’t have time to do it this time around, so I want to hire someone here to get our CACTI up to speed with our ePMP 3000 AP’s and Force 300 SM’s

Please PM me and we can figure out a price $$$


Do you use a cloud server for your CACTI deployments? I currently use LibreNMS but am interested in looking at CACTI.


We have our own CACTI servers internally.
But I want to hire this out - so I’m not opposed to any solution which works - I don’t have the time to do it, and I need to hire someone to do it this time.

I see, yes I use an AWS cloud server for my LIbreNMS and I am happy with the setup. Good luck!