CactiEZ for SM Autodiscovery?

On our network, we have been giving all our SMs a 10.0.10.* address. I have recently setup a server with CactiEZ, and everything is cool, except I can’t figure out how to use discovery.

I’m not sure if this is easily achievable, but I’m trying to have cacti autoscan the 10.0.10.* range nightly, and automatically create graphs when we install a new SM.

Any thoughts?

are the 10.10.10.* set to public on the SM? I would assume that it cant monitor an item unless its "public"

how are other people doing this?

Yes, I actually just went ahead and added them all manually, and it works fine. Though, it seems like there should be a feature to do what i was trying.

how many SM’s are you monitoring?

About 100