calibration on 900SM

Has anyone does a clibration on 900SN connectorised. The unit is requesting for a calibration. I sent the mac address to motorola site for the new values; but there are saying that there is no new value.
Any one can help!

Bruno Chabi

Don’t recall ever seeing a 900 that was not calibrated.

But on the RSSI, the unit is still red and saying has not been calibrated.
I am sure it can be calibrated.

the calibration is trucky with 900Mhz canopy. You have to have the default plug in before you see the interface of the calibration. The values are there. But Motorola technical support has still not given me the new value for the calibration. I am wondering if the values are base in a specific calculation.
Any idea.


On the radios that have the RSSI in Red and say that the time slicing is not set, follow these procedures:

1. Downgrade the firmware to 7.3.6 on the radio. (On P9’s and below)

2. Goto OLD URL and fill out the form, pay special attention to the formatting of the MAC address.

3. Open the email sent to you from Motorola and goto http://radioipaddress/mac.html. (Alternately with the default plug in you will get the additional tabs)

4. Enter values emailed to you, then click the button to save settings to Flash.

5. Reboot.

6. Upgrade Firmware to and then to

7. All Done!

Hope this helps.


This is a very good idea because on the new firmware ( 8.1.4) http://ipadress/mac.html does not enable you to access the ISM
I can downgrade it to 7.3.6 firmware as you suggested. But my problem is that motorola is not send me the new value for calibration. According to them, it cannot be calibrated.