Call for Wireless Manager Beta Testers

Hi everyone, I am the product manager for Wireless Manager, Motorola’s network management solution for the WiBB portfolio. We are launching version 3.0 of this software in Q4, and this version will have increased support for the Canopy/PMP equipment.

I am looking for people who would be able to beta test our software and give us their feedback. The beta will only last for 2 weeks, and is currently scheduled to begin the last week in September. Most of the tests will be passive in nature, using the software and giving us your opinions. You can expose as much of your PMP equipment to WM as you would like, ideally we are looking for customers that have more than 500 total pieces of equipment. WM can be operated in a “read-only” fashion where it is only monitoring the network, and never pushing any configuration data out (unless you choose).

Ideal candidates will be running Prizm EMS version 3.2 or 3.3. We will give you a migration tool that will read from your existing Prizm dbase and bring that information over to WM. Your Prizm EMS will still be completely intact and will function as it normally does. WM will be installed on a separate machine and the data will be imported.


- Have the time to install the software, use it, and provide feedback from Sept 27 - Oct 8
- Will require a separate computer. A server class machine is best, but a desktop can be used.
- Have at least 500 pieces of equipment to monitor, any combination of PMP SM’s, AP’s, CMM’s, PTP, or Mesh devices.
- Firmware on the PMP equipment should be 10.3.2

If you are interested please email me at


Thanks for everyone who has responded. I have filled all the slots for now.