Cambium 2 GHz AP using UBNT Antennas

We have recently dove into using the EPMP 2 GHz gear, more or less, to offload and decommission older Canopy Gear. Typically we have been using KP 90 degree antennas and just swapped the APs out, then swapped over the users. The most we have done and coordianted were 6 on an AP. We are starting to look at doing the same on some UBNT M2 APs. I wouldn't think it would be a huge issue, but using a UBNT 120 degree sector with the Cambium AP should be OK? Over the years we have moved any users we can to 5 GHz, leaving me with some 2 GHz sectors with a half dozen or less users. Im not really interesting in "Elevating" at this time as I dont think, or believe, for these users its warranted.

Thats what my question is, was looking for input from others who may be using a UBNT antenna with the Cambium AP and if its been OK. If I could avoid swapping out an antenna, that would be best.



Yes, it works. I am doing it here with their regular 2.4 sectors with RF-Armor, as well as the 2.4 Titanium antenna, which is a very nice adjustable unit.