Cambium 9000AP how to set wireless password protection

Hello. I am pretty new to Cambium. By chance bought two 9000AP and 9000SMs.
Reading the topics I already successfully connected AP and SM. The same frequency and Color code.
Have wireless ping between them.
But I don’t know how to set some kind of password for wireless protection. Or is there some other way to call it.
My idea is to be able to send low speed internet at distance of 1 mile.
So far I have experience with UBNT devices and some modification of wifi routers with dish antennas.
Personally I do prefer low power devices with directional high gain antennas.
Thank you

Hey @Marin_Kusev, welcome to the Cambium forums!

So first off, are you talking about the PMP100 or PTP100 900MHz equipment? In any case, I believe the equipment that you’re using is quite old and has been end of life (EOL) for a long time now.

I was able to find a PMP solutions release 13.1.1 guide in the Cambium Downloads archives.

Take a look at the user guide and hopefully you’ll find what you’re looking for there.

OH, one last thing, you’ll have to register for an account to access these download links.

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Thank you very much!
I am on my way to work and will check the link in few hours
I will try to upload pictures of the equipment I bought.