Cambium and allnet


I wanted to ask if I could power my antenna (EPMP force 300-19R) in POE with an Allnet ALL-SGI8104v2PM switch? Is there a list of compatible switches for POE powering Cambium antennas APMP ?


No, there is no switch on the market with Cambium PoE standard.

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Hi. The force 300 SMs are 30v passive POE, and polarity agnostic - and they will run from 24v too.

So, I think any 24v passive POE switch should be compatible with F300 SMs.


Yes I know solutions with brands like Witek or Netonix but alas too often I encounter problems with the supply of the material, sometimes I also use normal switches with 48/24 converters that work more or less.
I wanted to know if others have solutions?

packetflux and your choice of switch.

I have just sent a mail to Packetflux to know if it provides Europe, I am interested in any solution

The guys at PF will send it wherever you are willing to pay for it to go. If your not using a rackinjector then you need 3 pieces to make a fully functional system: the syncbox jr, a gigabit cambium style (cmm5 type) sync injector and a sitemonitor 2 or 3. The sitemonitor is not strictly needed but allows a few features including per port power cycling, per port power monitoring and satellite count monitoring plus 3d fix data.
The rackinjector just needs a sync source which the syncbox jr is the go to, it already has a sitemonitor capabilities, just choose the correct cards for your needs. Price wise the two are near the same, so depending on space/mounting needs will be the determining factor.

My 50 cents. If there is a choice it is better to have switches able to provide passive poe also. Because some devices now support POE that is not 802.3af or 802.3at

Packetflux is a passive poe system. You can have the pinout whatever you need and it will do it without the constraints of a switch with built in poe (active or passive does not matter). With PF the switch does not matter, use what you need not what is made available.

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