Cambium Comments to FCC 15-105 - use of LAA-LTE and LTE-U in the Unlicensed Bands

The FCC recently solicited input on the use of LAA-LTE and LTE-U  in the unlicensed bands via Docket 15-105.  Cambium submitted brief comments on Thursday, 11 June, which are attached for your convenience. 

Your comments on our submittal, and  LAA-LTE and LTE-U in general, are welcomed and appreciated!


Can you give us a quick overview or a link to an overview of what the cellular companies are petitioning for in the 5ghz band? The way I read it, is that they're trying to get the FCC to allow them to use their LTE gear to provide another downlink to their subscribers?

We will provide a link the FCC filings that occured once publically available.  In the interim, the FCC just published in the Federal Register a request for further comment on specific use aspects of the 3550 - 3700 MHz band (Citizens Broadband Radio Service); which are due on July 15th.  Details can be found at