Cambium Connect Game Show

We will draw the first three contestants on Oct 20.

Cam Connect.jpg

And the three randomly selected contestants are... (drum roll):

  • Rkennedy1000
  • Jerry Head
  • SBBinc

Each will be receiving an invtiation to formally register for the event. If you were not selected, you will be in the contestant pool for a future game.

Be sure to register to view the game live on Oct 31 - Register Here.

im from México, and a spanish version of this game would be a great idea too

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Check out the replay of the show:


Great idea, it would be great in other languages as well!


That is the plan.

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I want to know what happend to Jerry! What a cliff hanger! I also want to see those tee shirts Ray! 

Thanks for your concern about Jerry. As you know, he is a WISP. During the show, he had a network outage, and had to drop the game show to reconnect his customers. We understand the life of a WISP, and agree that he made the right choice. We have offered him a contestant slot on the next time that we do a show. 

Stay tuned for details on the next Cambium Connect show.

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