Cambium current usage graph?

I'm not sure if Cambium software developers read this. But is it possible to implement current usage in subscribers and AP's for that matter?

Also it would be nice to see top 10 users in the AP.

You can setup Cnmaestro and check there weekly usage. Hoping they will add Monthly use in soon.

There is a Chrome extension called Canopy Gui Enhancer that does this through CSS formatting.  You can see it through the AP's throughput stats table or on the ethernet or radio stats.

ya use the canopy enhancer, until they finally update the UI to be something new.... ugh....

As for cnmaestro you got access to pmp450 for cnmaestro beta that we don't have?

I'm using the Canopy UI Enhancer Chrome extension. It works great!

And yeah PMP-450 won't be supported in cnMaestro for a while yet.