Cambium Disconnects

Hi all,

Appreciate everyone's help ahead of time.

I have 2x PTP450 units and I'm seemingly getting disconnected at exactly 2 minutes every 2 minutes. We thought we had an alignment issue, and verified that we were within acceptable parameters there, then we thought we had a noise issue, but confirmed there was nothing interfering.

I thought it was wonky, but when I actually got down to it and figured out it was exactly 2 minutes, there seems to be perhaps some kind of software setting causing this.

Any thoughts?

Pease contact our support team at

Where are you located?


More information would likely help. 

What type of product? Model number? What software version are you running?  

A full CNUT capture will be asked for by the support team, but will provide the full configuration, and they might be able to tell something from that...

Board Type :
P11 C120
Software Version :

According to the quote it was a PTP450 from CDW, although I don't see that anywhere on here.

I tried to update the software but was unsuccessful with that also, I posted another thread about that some time ago.

If contacting support directly is the right answer, I can do that, just thought I'd check here in case it was something I'm just missing.

We are located in Austin, Texas.