Cambium E-1000 WiFi Hotspot solution for the Balaton Shipping company - Hungary (case study)

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This case study details the public WiFi coverage for the Balaton Shipping company. Balaton is the largest lake in Central Eastern Europe and has great tourism value. The shipping company needed a Hotspot solution that has coverage in all of the ports and on the ships as well. Incom Technologies - a local Hungarian IT developement company - has built a redundant 5GHz backbone network around the lake (with the help of Cambium's ePMP system) and deployed the E-1000 WiFi platform to provide high density, micro cell based public WiFi access for the passengers and tourists. The network served cca 4000 users in 2016, which was the pilot year, and is ready to serve much more in the coming years.


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We are with the Cambium PR team and would love to share your story!

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Hello, FANTASTIC VIDEO! OUTSTANDING! On behalf of the Wi-Fi team, I would like to thank you for the video. Excellent vote of confidence in cnPilot Wi-Fi

Many thanks for the compliment, we did our best to make this happen :slight_smile:

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