Cambium E400 Management VLAN

we have implemented 50 APs E400 on a hotel with 3 wifi Networks, Guest, Office, Staffs, with 3 vlans 10, 11, 12   and  the management Vlan was made 13. We have configured these devices using CnMestro. But, the device are not online on the cloud, but the vlan are working well. 

How can we bring the devices online giving them the trunk. 

That's a correct setup.

How did you configure your IP on the mgmt vlan? 

Dhcp or static address?

Does it have a correct gateway and dns?

Help us with below information to suggest solution for your issue,

1. Does APs are managed from cloud cnMaestro or on premises cnMaestro?

2. Does APs lost connection after pushing configuration?

3. If yes for step 2, please share us what exact VLAN configuration is pushed to the device 

4. How APs get IP address i.e. static or DHCP 

5. Does default gateway rechable on VLAN 13, which is suppose to be management VLAN 

6. What is the firmware version used on AP 

7. If VLAN 13 is used for management and DHCP client is enabled on VLAN 13, then we need enable additional option "Request Option All" on VLAN 13 interface

    This configuration will help APs to learn and install default gateway on VLAN 13. By default APs try to learn and install gatewy and DNS servers learned on VLAN 1

The Aps are deployed  on Bridge mode and given DHCP by Sophos Firewall. We have tagged native VLAN 13, for management. We used Cisco Switches, configured the trunk. But, when the trunk is supplyed, the devices are shown offline on the cloud CnMestro. The VLAN tagged with the ssid are working fine.  

Thank you for the Reply. 

The informations are as follows. 

1. The devices are managed using Cloud. 

2. The multiple SSIDs with VLANs are working fine, but the devices are offline. 

3. The exact VLAN are; 10, 11, 12, 13.....  10, 11, 12, are for three SSIDs and 13 was for management. 

4. The APS were supplied with DHCP. but they are not obtaining the IPs. 

5. The Default gateway was not reachable. 

6. latest 

7. The management vlan 13 was tagged on the native vlan option. 


if vlan 13 is selected to be tagged on cnMaestro, be sure that port on switch where AP is connected is also configured to TAG that vlan, else untagged mgmt vlan and put that vlan on switch port where AP is connected as nutagged / access (where other VLANs if any stay still tagged)


We passed trunk from that switch port for Cambium E400.

Thank You !


there can be two reasons for this situation i.e. APs seen as offline

1. VLAN 13 which is configured as native and tagged on cnPilot AP, we need to have same configuration on Cisco switch also (Hope this is taken care) 

2. Since VLAN 13 is configured with DHCP client and gateway is rechable on VLAN 13, AP might have not installed gateway learned from DHCP server on VLAN 13. The reason for this, by default AP tries to learn gateway on VLAN 1. To make AP to learn gateway on VALN 13 we need to do below configiration 

 1. Disable "DHCP Requestion Option all in VLAN 1" the CLI for the same is "

Cambium-MB(config-vlan-1)# no ip dhcp request-option-all"

2. Enable DHCP request option all in VLAN 13 "Cambium-MB(config-vlan-13)# ip dhcp request-option-all"

3. Execute show route to make enausre that AP installed next hop on VLAN 13 

Cambium-MB(config)# show route 

DESTINATION      MASK              GATEWAY         FLAGS  METRIC INTERFACE    UG     0      VLAN1 ---------------------- in this case valn 1         U      0      VLAN1         U      0      VLAN1         U      0      VLAN100


Note: In the mean time please share one of the AP techdump and Cisco switch port configuration on which AP is configured to look into it

Hello Team,

IP has configured DHCP on mgmt vlan & it has a correct default gateway.