Cambium e410 WiFi Users unable to connect PPTP VPN

We are not able to connect PPTP VPN with Mikrotik when we connected with Cambium cnPilot e410 SSID.

SSID users got IP address from Cambium DHCP Server, SSID users IP address NATed with Cambium AP ip address.

Can anyone help us, how to resolve this issue?

Please confirm it is L2TP or PPTP.
However, please share tech-support of device.


It’s a PPTP VPN, when we connect from others Wifi Devices PPTP VPN is working, but When we connect with Cambium AP then PPTP VPN is not connected.

when we try to connect with pptp vpn without cambium wireless vpn works fine.
when we connected with cambium ap then it’s not working, pptp vpn is not connected.

Need help.

Let me see if I understood that post.

You have Mikrotik router SOMEWHERE ELSE.
It is functioning as a PPTP VPN server.
You are on a different site that has cambium as the wifi.

What is the DHCP server?
You post states the CAMBIUM DHCP SERVER.

Any chance you have an IP over lap?

Like here is a typical Mikrotik config…
Local network
If you use proxy arp… You connect in the same IP scope (192.168.88.—.)
If you don’t use proxy arp and use the wizard… I think it makes the VPN server

So if I was ON ANOTHER NETWORK with an IP scope of… There are no IP conflicts.

So say I am at home and have a network IP address of
I VPN to a TIK with my computer using PPtP.
Supposing I can reach that VPN server and have credentials… I might get an IP like from the VPN server.
Now depending on how I have my routes and rules setup on my computer… I should be able to reach devices on the Mikrotik side.

You should probably try a simple diagram with all the IP address. You might find a basic conflict.

While we are waiting some diagram I can confirm that VPN to Mikrotik via wifi on cnpilot working without any issues.

My guess has been that the OP has a DHCP server running on the access point, that over laps his “far” router IP scope.