Cambium EPMP 3000 Dual Horn | Antena sectorial

query: With a cambium sector horn type antenna what would be the maximum distance that could be reached using a Force 130 subscriber radio to achieve a link capacity of 12M / 6M

That depends on many other factors
I suggest you use link planner to start and it will give you a good idea of what you could achieve.

For reference a 11db kmni with an f180 at 6mi (10km) can do 42/28 on a not so clean 5.8ghz 20mhz channel

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Thank you very much Douglas. Sorry to ask you again. What would be the model of equipment that would act as an access point. It is the one that I indicate in the matter? I will appreciate your answer

This depends on what kind of bandwidth you are planning to offer, the number of subscribers you plan to connect to this AP and the model of subscriber modules planned for use.
The epmp3000 is good for sectors that are going to support a lot of subscribers and it has the ability to talk to 2 subs at once. If this is a sector of less than 30 clients and all only need sub 25mbps speeds then you can get away with a 3000L, but loose the ability to use third party gps sync. Word of caution: order a new square gps puck to go with the 3000L as the onboard antenna is susceptible to interference.

You indicated an f130? I wouldnt use these for simple reasons, 1) not compatible power supplies so this is another thing you have to watch for and a dumb way to burn a radio. 2) these are really wide angle patch antennas which means less concentrated signal path and 3) 140mbps max through put (70mbps each way) on a 10/100 network link. I know you said 12/6 link but you will find that that will go up and you dont want to have to run a truck roll to swap a radio that is at most $40 cheaper now.

If you are planning a bit in the future, use f300-19’s these are a bit more expensive but are a more capable radio that is an AC chipset unlike the f130 which is an N chipset.

Again since you mentioned the epmp3000 (not the 3000L) for a dual horn setup, you are already looking to be a bit future proof with an AC AP.
The f300-19 is useful to about 4miles (more if CLOS and no terrain issues), if you need farther out or need more signal for better speeds then the F300-25 is a 2ft dish that we use regularly.

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Thanks for the information Douglas!

Hi, My recomendation is not to look for the minimun requirements to achieve x capacity; try to get all your links to -50 so all the SM can modulate at maximuun capacity, it would make live much easier…

Thanks for the information Juan!!

Hello good afternoon Juan

. I would like to know in relation to the case studies in the world, if there would be any solution to supply through an access point to an entire area of a private neighborhood without the need to establish individual point-to-point links from a transmission tower. The area would be 100,000 m2. From each house the internet service would be accessed via wireless connection. Take into account that there are trees and many buildings. Image is attached.

Hello Mr. Guillermo,

first, looking at that area via Google Earth shows that the maximum length of a link from the Access Point location is around 200 meters. A first sight, I would suggest the 5 GHz ePMP 3000 AP Lite or 5 GHz PMP 450i Access Point Lite with omni antennas if you have clear line of sight to major houses or use sector antenna because you mentioned that there are trees. So, you need to overcome potential signal losses due to trees. Two sector can be enough if you use them.
Integrated Subscriber modules like PMP 450b Mid gain 17 dBi would the work for the PMP 450 series and ePMP Force 300-16 can work on the ePMP series.

Some few questions:

  1. Did you survey well the Access Point location point to make sure you have enough height?
  2. How much capacity you intend to provide?

After reaching the homes, you need Wi-Fi to propagate the signal to user devices.
Plan this too.

Sincerely yours,

Niragira Olympe

Hello Guillermo,
We installed a similar scenario in colombia and we found:
1.- there is no single point where you can put a tower and serve all houses( you will need sub nodes)
2.- at those distances F180 does great job going throu some trees

We put F130 in some houses to make sub node and hang 5-6 houses from each.
20 and 30 mbps plans