Cambium Fiber Visit / Review

sI’ll open with saying Cambiums product support is second to none.

I have worked on several product lines and it starts at a good RSM / RTM combo…

Recently we had Fedor and Steve K out to review our Fiber Deployment and Methods. Fedor is extremely knowledgeable about the fiber product line and is a great teacher.

We are working on the 16port OLT for some upcoming decent sized deployments.

I initially started working on Zohn deployments. I absolutely HATE the UI on this device. Not to mention, with the provisioning of the device, I would have to reset the customers device a few times to get a working updated config. This would put me at a customers location for upwards of 30 minutes waiting on the router.

We then switched to uFiber and tho the system runs a bit better its VERY limited on the hardware side of life. We all know the downsides of a UI deployment. Lack of support, no real firmware revisions outside of major bug fixes. Not to mention, Ubiquiti’s opinion on hardware is, pitch the broken buy more new. They simply care about volume.

Cambiums interface is still in its beginning stages and already tops the Ubiquiti interface. The interface is simple and clean but can be made to be slightly more user friendly while adding the new features that are upcoming on the road map. Cambium also has some new options for the fiber community coming that are pretty existing. I can’t wait for the upcoming months to see what else they will bring to the table.

I haven’t had a chance to do much testing based on loads yet. I’ve done some light field trials and I’ve seen the device handle 2.5Gig without issue to a single client. We are waiting for some Outdor POE powered units to do some more load based testing as I’ll be phasing out one of our existing sites to the new cambium OLT.

We install in the NID on a typical deployment. That way everything is accessible outside. We are making some changes to run the indoor ONT’s to do additional testing.

All in all I’m excited to see cambium jump into the fiber industry. The wireless footprint is shrinking and the government is pushing fiber as the first option to deployment. Cambium has always had the highest level of quality on their equipment backed up by solid support.