Cambium flaw as client devices

Is there no cambium Device that can connect to nearby non-cambium(AP) devices without having to configure the Ap…

Can you please elaborate? I'm unsure of the question...

I recently got the force 180 over the tplink to connect to open wifi network in my area but to my surprise cambium force 180 does not let you connect to just any ap unless you configure that ap(what about people who don’t have access to that ap)… if i am the one mistaken please correct me if not cambium should include this in their next upgrade

What do you mean by 'unless you configure that AP' What settings are you having to configure on the AP specifically for the Force 180 to connect?

From the little knowledge i have, i know the ap must be wds enabled, you must know the frequency it’s on and so on. …

Eric - This thread has some history:


ePMP devices aren't meant to be WiFi clients. They are typically meant to be used in their proprietary mode which is the real benefit of using them. The "Standard WiFi" mode I was trying to help you with in the above thread is purely meant for migration purposes when migrating your outdoor access network from other vendors. Yes, WDS needs to be enabled on the AP and if you don't have access or control over the AP, then it is not possible to use the Force 180 as a WiFi client.