Cambium force 200 poe using 24v .5a

Hi cambium users! Is it ok if i use 24v .5a ubnt poe for force 200 ? I lost my poe of my cambium.

Yes,  it will work just fine.   

Hmmm so will also work with netonix switches...nice!

You can power Force200 and Force180 with ubnt and other passive 24v poe injectors!!!

Works almost with everything passive poe injectors!!!! Even with poe from routerboards at 24v!!! They works great!

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Last question if i max the output power maybe the poe or the ip radio will it be damage?

Do you mean Tx power? If so, no it won’t damage anything.

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yeah the transmit power.. i have friend said thay they try the foce 200 using ubnt poe and he max the output power of the cambium, the poe damage

Naahh... it's not true!!!!!

Force200 (or Force180) at max power (30 dBm) consumes up to 4-5 Watt, so it means that at 24v, it uses 0,2 Amp of electrical current.

If you use an UBNT 24v POE with 0,5 Amp, you'll not burn it. If you use those nano poe by UBNT that comes with Litebeam, maybe you can burn it out... but I'm not sure... also, why you should use such a cheap POE injector with a great Force200??? :)

Believe me, if you use UBNT standard poe with 0,5 Amp, you'll not have any problem...



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Netonix works just great with the GPS hardware for sure.

The Force 200 works great with the Mikrotik Powerbox for sure.  The Force 110 with the blue/brown swapped on the RJ45 does *NOT* work well on the Mikrotik Powerbox (tried auto power and forced on).

ePMP and Ubnt POEs both work just fine on Force 200.  We swap a handful of radios where the customer isn't home and they've been running on the Ubnt POE for at least a couple of years at this point.


i think im using poe of ubnt litebeam.

Hi, force 200 with reverse polarity at 24v?
where is the positive (+) on pin 4-5 or 7-8?