Cambium force 300 dor de cabeça

Muita dor de cabeça, equipamentos travando muito, estando conectado via wireless, só consigo acesso a Master, e perco total acesso a subscribe module, e consequentemente cai todos os clientes, ficou muito complicado, e a alternativa de passar pra concorrencia só aumenta.

Can you provide more details? Maybe start with one specific issue that we can focus on?

You really need to better define your issues if you expect any of us to help.
Equipment braking? what do you mean? do you have a lot of radios that just up and died? are they loosing connectivity?
“being connected via wireless, I can only access master, and I lose full access to subscribe module, and consequently falls all customers” If I understand you a bit, your no able to access the SM once the SM makes a wireless connection to the AP? Depending on the configuration of the SM, this is normal and expected behavior. This is because the SM may not be configured to the same IP network as your laptop after the connection goes up. This is especially true if you are using bridged mode and vlans with management vlan not accessible from the laptop(vlans not supported on the laptop). Routed mode makes this more complicated as it will only pass assigned networks, you must make sure that the SM ethernet port is also part of the management network.

Before you give up on the epmp line, I suggest you read user guide and the administrators guide, make sure you are using the latest firmware (beta version 4.6.1-RC27 is very stable and should be released to main firmware soon).

Provide us with a short description of intended network configuration (eg. bridged mode with vlan10 for management and vlan 15 for user data or nat mode etc.), the number of APs and the hardware version (epmp 1000/2000/or 3000) on your tower and if you are using frequency reuse, and the scheme if you are, the timing method (internal (no sync/free run), gps(with or without the puck), cmm, frame size, max distance setting, guard interval (these except timing sources other than internal must be the same on all APs). Also if you have radios that are not compatible (UBNT or Mimosa or other) then it is suggested to use co-location mode.

Just like any other system, there is a learning curve to get to know the equipment and its settings. 99% of what you need to know is in the user guide, that other 1% is what we and support are here for. We generally will not design your network for you, but we can help you decide which method is going to work for you and help with your understanding of what needs to happen to make it work based on our own systems. The clearer you are at making your requests or asking as pointed as possible questions, the better and less vague the answers you will receive.

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A antena do nada trava, só consigo alguma melhoria em ela para de travar, quando diminuo a largura de banda pra 20 Mhz, sendo assim perco uma boa capacidade de banda, gostaria muito que funcionasse em uma largura maior, mas, quando logo o lado escravo trava.

Ja coloquei o firmware atualizado, só que não resolveu, minha unica alternativa foi diminuir pra 20 Mhz, mas, o tráfego diminuiu, quando coloco em 40 ou 80 Mhz, o lado escravo trava, vejo as mesmas conectadas, mas não tenho acesso ao lado escravo.