Cambium force 300 loops?

I haven’t really did any configurations to the PTP other than set one as an access point and ther other as a subscriber and then align them and connect them into switches. If I keep doing this on a layer 2 network with no VLANs will I be creating any sort of network loops? Someone was telling me that wireless radios can cause loops when connected to switches, 

I don't think so... at least not in a PtMP setting (AP - client) type of arrangement. You'd possibly have to worry about loops if you were using multiple point to point links between sites and created a ring on accident.... or somehow you misconfigured a PtP radio to connect to a PtMP AP, again, creating a ring. If you're worried about this you can use managed switches that employ STP... but I wouldn't recommend this, STP can be fickle/unreliable the larger the network becomes... it's better to move towards a routed L3 network with a router at each site using OSPF+MPLS.

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