Cambium Learning Releases PMP 450: Software Release 16.1 Course

We are dedicated to continually improving the PMP 450 platform. In the PMP 450 16.1 software release, we introduce new features focused on streamlining network operations. This online learning will explain the benefits of these new features and their configuration options. 

You can access the course through Cambium Learning.

  1. Log into Cambium Learning using your Cambium ID and password (Same as Support ID)
  2. On the home page, click Product Training
  3. Scroll to PMP 450 Technical Training
  4. Locate the course and enroll.


Quick piece of feedback on this.  The voice says to click "next" to continue.  However, that takes you out of the course thing and to the screen where you begin the test.  

What you need to do is click the green arrow in the video itself (that has no words, no "next") to advance the slideshow thing.  It's a bit confusing.