Cambium Licensing on cnMaestro

Hi All,

I would like to request that you enable the search algorithm to search out MAC addresses that do not have colons in them.

For example to be able to search: 000476D24C5E instead of 00:04:76:D2:4C:5E

The reason for this request is that the Cambium License Portal does not display the colons. Making it annoying to search out AP's associated with Licenses on cnMaestro.

Also it would be beneficial if cnMaestro also contained information regarding what licenses and what values  are applied and also the overall Elevate license limit.

Also it would be great if it also showed the SM model that is been used, force 200, force 180, Powerbeam 400 etc - unless I missed this somehow.


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Thanks for the suggestions.  We'll try to incorporate these changes.