Cambium networks force 180

hola que tal soy nuevo en esto y quisiera saber su opinión sobre un tema sobre dos equipos force 180 ya que uno de los equipos si me ofrece 1000 Mbps y el otro solo recibe 100 Mbps ya descarte algunas cosas.

La alineación esta perfecta.
La configuración igual esta bien.
El cableado esta bien uso cable cat 6.
El poe esta en perfecto estado.

si alguien me puede ayudar o le paso algo similar me ayudarían mucho soy nuevo.

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Hi, how are you? I am new to this and I would like to know your opinion on an issue about two force 180 computers since one of the computers does offer me 1000 Mbps and the other only receives 100 Mbps and discards some things.

The alignment is perfect.
The configuration is still fine.
The wiring is fine, I use cat 6 cable.
The poe is in perfect condition.

If someone can help me or something similar happened, they would help me a lot. I’m new.


Welcome to the Cambium community.

As I understand your issue, one end of the link connects at 1G just fine, but the other end only connects at 100Mb/s (fast ethernet), and has errors. This is normally not an RF issue, nor issue with the 1G connected end. The issue is normally the ethernet link that negotiates only to 100M/bs.
Here are some things to look for:

  1. Use an ethernet cable tester to verify that the cable is good. 1G needs all 8 wires in the cable.
  2. Make sure the legth of the cable between the Force 180 and the connected network device is less than 100m. The POE or the lightning protector does not regenerate the ethernet signal - they are passive - so the ethernet link must correspond to proper rules.
  3. Make sure there is no power coupling to the ethernet cable or either AC power or RF energy. The magnetic field from power cables very close to your ethernet run can cause errors on the ethernet. Also, if you are co-located on a broadcast tower (ether FM or TV), you may need to provide more shielding for your ethernet cable going up your tower.
  4. Turn off auto-negotiation, and try to set the speed on both ends of the link manually. Try 1G, 100M, and 10M and see if the errors clear at any speed.
  5. Replace the network device connected with your computer, and see if you can get the ethernet link to behave properly with another device.

Hope this helps a bit, Luis.

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